Dietary Requirements 


In addition to a vegetarian diet, not only does a Vegan diet cut out meat, but all animal by products too. So eggs, dairy and honey are all a no-go. All our products with (VG) next it in the menu is suitable or can be made for Vegans.


Coeliac disease is a lifelong autoimmune disease. It is caused by the immune system reacting to Gluten. Because Gluten is excluded from or can be made Gluten Free if (GF) is next to it in the menu,  so you can rest easy and just enjoy your event .


Halal refers to any foods prepared in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. For food to be considered Halal it must comply with the religious ritual and observance of Sharia law. All the food found in the menu with a (H) meet these requirements

Dairy Free

Dairy refers to all animals milk. Some people are lactose intolerant meaning they can not digest this particular sugar found in milk , and others have a more severe, active allergy to dairy. The menu item with (DF) next to are all Dairy Free

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