Late Evening Snack Ideas

Lighter Bites from the Menu Perfect for Evening Snacks
Less than 40 guests incurs a surcharge
BBQ Pulled Pork
£6.00 p/p

Served in a Floured Bap

Served with Continental Mixed Leaf Salad & Dijon Mustard

Serves a minimum of 40 guests

Roasted Lamb Pittas
£8.00 p/p

Lamb served in a Pitta with Mint Sauce

Served with Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes & Onions

Serves a minimum of 40 guests

Anti Pasti Finger Buffet
£6.00 p/p

Ciabatta Slices - Serrano - Chorizo - Manchego Cheese

Slow Roasted Tomato & Garlic Tapenade

Marinated Olives, Grilled Vegetables & Sun Dried Tomates

Cheese Board
£6.00 p/p

Selection of English & Continental Cheese

French Breads & Crackers

Grapes - Celery - Pickles & Chutneys

Basic BBQ Buffet
£6.00 p/p

Local Butcher Sausages and Gourmet Burgers served in Floured Baps & Rolls with Condiments

Small Paella Boats
£8.00 p/p

A choice of THREE Paella Varieties

Served in a small Biodegradable Bamboo Boat

Fish & Chip Cones
£5.00 p/p

Cod Goujons with Chunky Chips served in Cones

Salt & Vinegar - Heinz - Tartar Sauce

Taco Bar
£8.00 p/p

Ground Beef - Shredded Chicken - 3 Bean Chilli


Cheddar Cheese - Lettuce - Tomatoes


Sour Cream - Salsa - Guacamole 

Bacon/Sausage Rolls
£3.00 p/p

Smoked Bacon OR Sausage

Served in Freshly Baked Rolls with Heinz Ketchup or HP Sauce

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