Our large selection of draught lagers, bitters, ciders and stouts can all be added to your cash bar and will come with taps and pumps included.

There is a £100 deposited required to order in advance but we will refund this when you have finished the keg or cask!


All kegs provide 53 – 88 Pints


Amstel  4.1% ABV
Becks Vier 4% ABV
Budsweiser  5% ABV
Carling 4% ABV
Carlsberg  3.8% ABV
Stella Artois 4.8% ABV 

Estrella Damm  4.6% ABV
Fosters 4% ABV
Heineken 5% ABV
Peroni 5.1% ABV
Pilsner Urqull 4.4% ABV
San Miguel 5% ABV

Stouts & Bitters

Guinness 4.1% ABV
John Smiths 3.8% ABV


Thatchers Gold 4.8% ABV
Symonds Found Reserve 4.5% ABV
Aspalls 5.5% ABV