Big Pan Paella 

All of our Paellas are Gluten Free and our Verduras is Vegan Friendly too!

Pescado  |  Mussels – Squid – White Fish – King Prawns – Mediterranean Vegetables

Carne | Chicken – Chorizo – Smoked Ham – Mediterranean Vegetables

Verduras | Tofu – Chickpeas – Asparagus – Baby Corn – Mediterranean Veg

Plated Paella Buffet

£17.00 P/P 

All Paella varieties included. Below 40 guests will incur a surcharge.
Served with freshly cooked Ciabatta rolls, Butter & Mixed Leaf Salad with Dressing.
Prices include clothed buffet table, white crockery, cutlery, napkins if required and subject to VAT.
Waiting Staff charged accordingly. Ideal for Corporate and Private Occasions.

Choose a selection of buffet desserts for only £5.00 per person

Easy to eat from the hand whilst mingling, these bamboo boat options are ideal for informal parties or occasions with a festival or street food theme. Guests are served by the Chef directly from the pan onto biodegradable boats and given wooden forks and napkins which are easily disposed of once they’ve finished eating. Perfect!

Large Paella Boats

£12.00 Per Person

Small Paella Boats

£9.00 Per Person

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